Harvey F. Davis III


  • Unrelenting results-driven technology leader, with multi-faceted cross functional management skills and a proven history of management success providing computer based and operational business solutions in diverse technology environments in both the private and public sectors.

  • Comprehensive experience directing mission critical systems support, crisis management, implementations and technical operations.
  • Detail oriented, self-directed and motivated technology leader, with years of management progression providing computer-based business solutions in diverse mission critical environments.

  • Customer centric focus with a knack for presenting technology plainly to end users.

  • Senior manager with the know-how to motivate teams and facilitate collaboration with a blended staff of employees, contractors, vendors and consultants; is highly skilled in team building, mentoring and training.

  • Proven ability to meet or exceed all performance metrics, budget and delivery deadlines, while enhancing overall productivity and increasing connectivity.

  • Strategic thinker with insightful analysis and problem resolution skills and the wisdom to lead teams in development, maintenance and crisis modalities.

  • Manages projects using a variety of structured methodologies for over 20 years; served in enterprise Project Management Office. Former member of Project Management Institute.